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HipStars is a Dallas label and home of the Dallas artist J-Hen.  Our sole focus has been artist management, marketing, branding and other tools necessary to help the independent  artist start a successful music career.  We have found that self education is very important in the music industry and pride our business on integrity, honesty and a genuine interest in being successful in any endeavor we pursue.  We believe that with God on our side, anything is possible. Join us on our journey.

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About J-Hen

J-Hen's current ambition is to be a successful music artist and songwriter. Today, the music industry is saturated with so many talented individuals that J-Hen knows he has to bring his “A” game if he wants to stand out in the crowd. He believes that consistency, a good work ethic and his faith are what drives his motivation to succeedWith more than three years in the making, J-Hen has released his first debut album that will put the Music Entertainment world on alert. With the clubs and night scenes constantly looking for the next big hit to keep their patrons on the dance floor, J-Hen stepped out on faith and decided to encompass several genres in one album. His newly completed album, Envision, includes music for the young, old, new school, and old school listeners. His songs are from a collection that he comprised of smooth R&B, HipHop and Pop. J-Hen creates his music from his heart about what he feels and from experiences he has gained from those feelings. He has developed his own style that is very different with gripping vocals and shredding lyrics that are the heart and soul of his debut album, Envision. J-Hen says his songs are sensual, sensitive and savvy and have a whole lot of soul. There is something on this album for everyone.

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