HipStars Entertainment is an independent label created by the momager of the artist J-Hen also known as The Real JHen. Created with the independent artist in mind, the label is built on integrity, honesty and a sincere interest in assisting the up and coming artist in obtaining the exposure and necessary tools needed to maintain a successful music career.  Our sole focus is artist management, marketing and branding.  Follow HipStars as we share with you our journey to success.

Hot New Music! Briana Nichole - Gotta Prove It 

Hot new music written by J-Hen aka James Henry Jr. for Briana Nichole called "Gotta Prove It".  Fellas, Briana says if you want to get with her, you gotta prove it cause she ain't got time for no games!  Single was produced by DJ Risow.  Check it out!


The Music, The Music Business, The Music Industry 

Love the first, learn the second, and outsmart the third.  I may not have known a whole lot about the music industry when I started out on this journey a few years ago but I've learned and educated myself along the way.  The music business can be brutal and yet fun.  But if you're not prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly, then you need to find yourself another career.  Seriously!


AllHipHop / J-Hen - "Bye Felicia" 

“Bye Felicia”! J-Hen flips the classic line on “Bye Felicia” and melds his sultry flow with a modern dance beat to create a musical mash up that is true to his signature strong backbeat singles. Fueled by an energy that keeps the momentum alive to the very end. This one is dedicated to anyone who was wronged or felt as if the time invested in a relationship was a waste.

By Jake Crates

Money is not free! 

I have an issue with people asking for money up front before they even tell me what it is they can do to help move the project forward.  If you want my business, come to the table with a strategy or at least a plan of action.  Explain to me in plain english how you are going to use the money you are asking for so that I can feel good about giving it to you.  Now there are some legitimate business professionals out there that take what they do very serious.  However, it's been one time too many I've paid for a service and did not receive what was paid for. So I say this to my independent artists, or anyone for that matter, do your due diligence, check out your sources or ask for references.  You can also use the internet to research and make sure you are working with a trusted source. Save yourself from the heartache of losing your hard earned money! #justmyopinion #venting #moneyisnotfree

Indie Momager Q&A 

Been doing this for 5 years now from an independent label standpoint.  Go ahead and ask me a question.  I will do my best to get you an answer.  Comment below.

J-Hen - Bye Felicia on the National Airplay Top 200 Chart  

J-Hen single, "Bye Felicia" feat. Campion Bond and produced by Dallas Producer, DBizzy made the National Airplay Top 200 Chart. Thanking God, we are finally getting there! Amazing things are happening for our team. Stay tune for our continued blessings! Feeling some type of way today! #TeamJHen #HipStarsEnt #therealjhen #ByeFelicia


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